General Information

How do I get to the Portal?

You can reach the Prizma Portal at You will be
asked for your Prizma login credentials (user name and password).

How do I change my Service Plan?

Press the My Services button on the Prizma Portal.

How do I see my test results?

On the left side of the Prizma Portal, press on the test type that you wish to check. You can
check your ECG, Temperature, Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate or Stress Test results.

How can I generate a report and share my recent tests results?

You can create a list of test results as follows:

  • In the Portal in the App, press on Report.
  • Check the boxes and the App for the tests that you wish to see.
  • Enter the Start Date and End Date for the tests. The default end date is today’s date.
    You may optionally enter a comment if desired. The comment will display in the
    generated PDF file.
  • Press on the Generate Report button.

The PDF file will be generated and added to your Downloads folder.

How do I open a Support Ticket?

If you have a question regarding Prizma, press the Support button on the Portal, then press
Open to create a Support Ticket.

Is there Prizma documentation available online?

Yes, access the Portal, press Help, and view the Quick Start Guide or User Manual. Prizma
instructional videos and tutorials are also available.

How do I access the Prizma online store?

Go to the Online Store in the Portal, or go directly to


Is Prizma FDA cleared/CE marked?

Yes, Prizma is FDA cleared and CE marked.

Will Prizma work on my smartphone or tablet

Prizma was fully tested for compatibility with several popular smartphones, for which we offer
a tailored phone cover (please see available covers in our online store at The Prizma standalone version allows you to use the device with
any smartphone using Android 6.0 and up. Note that Bluetooth version BLE 4.0 and above is

Do I need cellular service or Wi-Fi to make a recording on my Prizma?

Once logged in, Prizma does not require a Wi-Fi or mobile connection to record a test and save
it over the phone. However, it requires an active connection in order to synchronize with the
Prizma server or to share test results from the application.
If you do not have a Wi-Fi or mobile connection at the time of the recording, you can email the
data later when you have a connection. Synchronization with the server will start automatically
the next time you launch the application and a connection is available.

Do I have to use the smartphone cover?

We recommend to attach your Prizma to the smartphone cover at all times. This will ensure
your Prizma stays intact and performs optimally. Note that the device may not work if
separated more than one meter from the phone.

I have a pacemaker or ICD. Can I still use Prizma?

It is FORBIDDEN to use the Prizma with ICD or external defibrillators.
Individuals with pacemakers should not use the Prizma as we cannot guarantee the signal
quality and recording accuracy.

Is Prizma available in my country?

Prizma is available for purchase from the G Medical Online Store at

Is a Prizma App available in my language?

Currently Prizma App is offered in English and Chinese. G Medical will launch a Spanish version

Where can I order the Prizma?

Prizma can be pre-ordered from the G Medical online store at

What is G Medical’s return policy?

G Medical will issue a full refund on your Prizma purchase if you contact us within 15 days of
delivery. The full refund will be issued upon receipt of the complete package with all original
contents. To request a refund, contact G Medical Support at
If your device has stopped working and still under warranty, please contact us for
troubleshooting assistance. If we find that your device is defective during the warranty period,
G Medical will issue a replacement upon receipt of the faulty device.
For the full warranty policy document, please see the warranty policy:

Medical Service Level

How do I choose my service level?

When purchasing Prizma from the G Medical online store, you may select a service level
available in your location. You can change the service level through your personal portal
account at any time.

What are my service level options?

Full Medical Profile – Cloud service (First tier)
Have your medical history at your fingertips, at any time, with the ability to share the
information with any party.
The G Medical cloud service allows you to store test measurements as often as required, and
review at any time, at this link:
Monitor your health, generate reports and statistics to evaluate changes in measurements and
Your medical test history can be shared with caregivers and family members instantly. Take
charge of your healthcare management.
Doctor and Nurse Triage (Second tier)
The G Medical call center service provides support and real-time guidance at any time from
telephone-certified clinicians. This service provides continuous follow-up on your healthcare
status, based on current test results and medical history.
We understand that you need us to be there for you. You can communicate in any way
convenient for you, whether by voice, text or teleconferencing. At any point you can receive
the feedback you need to make sure you take care of yourself.
Feel free to contact us as needed. We have the ability to monitor your tests results and contact
you when a personal healthcare alert occurs – providing the ultimate in personal monitoring.
Call Center Support (Third tier)
Enjoy the most professional and best patient experience; have your personal physician with you
at all times – 24/7 access to a physician’s consultation and guidance.
We at G Medical are patient-focused. We understand that managing your health requires realtime
and continuous feedback from the right physician.
Having access to a professional caregiver can help you monitor your health and contribute to
improved clinical and personal health outcomes.
Choose your authorized caregiver and we will provide your medical history for comprehensive
review and guidance.
Enjoy our full set of services:
– Nurse Triage consultation
– Physician referral services
– Disease management program

How much am I being charged?

Please review available service in your territory and cost associated under the “My Services” tab
on the portal.

How do I cancel my service?

To cancel your service, please choose CANCEL SERVICE in the “My Services” tab in your
personal portal.

What happens to my data after I cancel/change my service?

Your past data will be available through the portal. To view present and future data over the
portal, please renew your service.

How do I contact G Medical for technical questions?

Please contact us at or open a service desk request through
“My Desk” in the portal. We are committed to responding to your request within two business
If there is a G Medical representative in your location, please contact them directly.

How to obtain optimal recording

I keep getting a “noisy” recording. What does that mean and how can I prevent it?

It is important that you eliminate any sources of electrical interference. Below are some steps
for obtaining a good recording.

  1. Perform the measurement while sitting comfortably.
  2. Confirm that your smart phone is not plugged in or charging while performing a
  3. Move away from sources of electrical interference such as large computer monitors or TV
  4. Unplug any headphones from your smart phone.
  5. If your fingers are dry, moisten them a bit to improve conductivity with the electrodes.
  6. Do not use excessive force or press your fingers towards the electrodes.

Prizma APP

How do I download the Mobile app and create my account?

Search for G medical application (G Medical Prizma) on the Apple App Store or Google Play,
and download. Open the app, accept the Terms of Use and permissions and create your
account. You will be prompted to enter your email address, and to choose a password. An
automated email message will be emailed to you for confirmation..

Why does the Prizma App ask me to enable location services on my smart phone? Why do you need my location? Toggle 2

The request to allow location services is an Android OS requirement, for using the Bluetooth
Smart wireless communication between the app and your smart phone.
The G Medical app does not record your location.

What should I do if I forget my account password?

If you forget your password, you can easily reset it using the app or your web account. Simply
follow the on-screen instructions under “Forgot my password”.
Note that if you forget your email address you will need to create a new account. In order to
reconstruct your previous medical data, please contact G Medical support.

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